Shaving vs Waxing !

The age old question of shaving vs waxing. Both have pros and cons, but which is better? Lets find out….

Shaving Pros Quick Easy No pain! On the go – no need for an appointment So cheap

Cons Ingrown hair Sensitive skin can be irritated Stubble effect as it grows back Grow back quickly Irritation and pimples Not the safest – cuts and grazes

Waxing Pros Lasts longer than shaving Saves shower time Prevents ingrown hairs Can get in those hard to reach areas Cons It can hurt Possibility of reaction Area of waxing depending can feel awkward Can cost more than shaving

So shaving vs waxing can be pretty equal and it depends on what your wanting from the final result. If you don’t mind shaving every other day to keep those pins nice and smooth stick with shaving. If your wanting a longer result for holidays for example then waxing is the way to go.

Some tips to consider before waxing –

· Don’t have your waxing done a week before your time of the month, you can be more sensitive and have lower pain thresholds during this time.

· Exfoliate before you go, this not only helps with ingrown hairs but can reduce the pain too.

· Stay away from the razor.

· Make sure you have 2-3 weeks growth before your first appointment. If your hair is too short you might not be able to be waxed.

· If your waxing for a holiday plan on making at least 3 trips to get waxed before you jet off. Your hair grows in cycles and you will need to get it into a routine to ensure the best results.

Based on all of that, if you want silky smooth and hairless skin waxing is the way to go. No wants to be a prickly cactus do they?

Much Love